Here we go!

Tomorrow we leave to go on vacation to see my Mom in AZ. Here are some reasons why this trip is going to be the best trip West:

Seth is my husband and we get to go together! (The last time we went out we were just engaged)

Seth just bought me a new very special digital camera. He is the sweetest boy ever and surprised me with it when I came home from Tessa's shower on Saturday. (Yay lovey!)

We get to see my Mom and my brother, Adam. Mom's birthday is while we are there too!

Day/Night swimming whenever we want in the backyard. (If you are from AZ and you are reading this, not everyone gets that special privelage here of having a pool anywhere near your house, let alone in your backyard)

In-N-Out. (I wish Seth loved it as much as I do. I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner when we are out West)

Pei Wei. (Bec, I will bring some home for you?)


Good friends.

THE Grand Canyon and Sedona!!!!! (Hence the need for a new camera)

Lots of special pictures to come!


Kelley Murphy said...

i love how three of your reasons have to do with food. =)

Hemi said...

Have a great time!!

Jess said...

Have a wonderful trip! I wish I could see you guys while you are out this way...so close, yet so far! I think you should stay an extra week and drive out this way! We've got that guest room!!!

andrea said...

i KNOW! i can't believe they don't have pei wei out there! such a tragedy... can't wait to see you and seth!

Becca said...

I'm ready for PeiWei... and Andree says next time you and he can go have In-'N-Out every day and Seth and I can wait for you guys at home and eat boring things like toast for breakfast instead.

Give the mother hugs for me!

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