Before God and these Witnesses

Four months ago today. My love became my love. I love this picture because this is where our marriage all began, before God. It is God who sustains us and keeps us, He is the one who orchestrated our lives and brought us to that special day. He is so kind to us! I can't believe it has only been four months. For some reason it feels like Seth and I have been together for forever. I can't imagine my life without him in it.

This past week God has given me so much joy, not just in the season we are in, but more joy in loving and serving Seth. Whether through the mundane tasks of folding laundry and cleaning up I love to serve him and feel so grateful for the way that he daily serves and provides for our family. He never complains and day in day out goes to work and works so hard for us! I am so grateful for you my dear one.

When we joined our lives together it wasn't just before God, but others. So many of whom we count our dearest family and closest friends. Apart from those people, whom God used in our lives, we never would have reached that day. We are so grateful for the investment that people have made in our lives in how they love and care for us, correct, and encourage us. We thank God so much for so many of you and we love to pray for you!
And as a belated Happy Mothers Day to our wonderful Mommy's who loved us and cared for us for so many years before we became our own family.

We LOVE you both so much and are so grateful for the role that you played in raising us and sacrificing so much for our best!


Tessa Foster said...

I'm so glad you two are married! :) have a safe trip and we'll catch you in ky!

Becca said...

you smells like beef and cheese. everything we own stinks like you from sharing a room with you. (j/k but we did have a blast!--thanks!)

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