Odds and Ends

What's new with us? Our camera broke. It's pretty sad. This is the most recent picture of us (Thanks Kurt) taken at our good friends David and Casey's wedding this past weekend. Going to wedding as a married couple is the best. Before when we were courting and engaged it was a joy as we looked to our future wedding day, but now it brings us even more joy to look back and see how much marriage keeps getting better and better each and every day. There are even more moments throughout the day when Seth will do something and then I will realize, "wow that is why we are so perfect for each other." God is so good to us and I can't help but marvel at his amazing grace in bringing us together to this special day(photocredit goes to my wonderful former coworker Mindy who ventured out in the snow to come and celebrate with us on our special day):

Tonight while we were out for date night, we spent some time looking back...to the beginning, before we were ever really friends. It's so neat to look back at those things and realize that we had NO clue we would end up together, but God knew. The Creator of the Universe was leading us to each other in His perfect time. It never came at a moment too late or a moment too soon. He knew what was best. Because of his past faithfulness to us, we can continue to trust Him for his continued faithfulness to us into the future(even for a new camera for us newlyweds!)

What's the latest with us? We both have fully recovered from all sickness' and ailments! Hooray! We are both dealing with the usual seasonal allergies right now, but who isn't?!?! And God has been providing Seth so much work at his job with ARI for which we are incredibly grateful. This month is looking to be quite busy and at the end of it all we will be going to the New Attitude Conference in Louisville, KY. One huge reason we are exicted about this time...we will be driving there and back with Dre and Becca Kless, which is bound to make for lots of memories and potty stops along the way. We are so grateful for these two and can't wait to make the trip together, apparently we are leaving at 3am (hence the adventure of it all!)

As I have been learning more and more about being a wife I have become even more passionate about sales, just outside the mall, instead I have chanelled my interests into grocery shopping. How does this translate you are probably wondering? Well it usually means that Jenni and I will talk about once a week to trade sale tips (I took her up on one and went to the store and loaded up on chicken breasts at $1.79/lb.) and that usually involves sharing things I saw while I was at the store, like vine ripe tomatoes for .99/lb at Safeway this week or her letting me know about the deals she found. (If you have coupons it gets even better! )This week at Giant Turkey Hill Ice Cream was on sale for $1.99 for a half gallon, it being hubby and I's favorite ice cream how can you not buy three half gallons? The sad part is...we have $1 off coupons but didn't get back fast enough to use them(sigh). But it's been great fun learning what good prices are and now that we have a second fridge (thank you Lord) it has made stocking up to save so much better. But in all of this I have to thank my Mom for training me well to look for the deals and for teaching me how to have my own stocked reserve pantry in the basement. Thanks Mom! I always think of you when its time to grocery shop. :)


Tessa Foster said...

Turkey Hill ice cream! The best ;). Loved hanging out with you guys like the whole of last weekend. Can't wait for outlets! ;)

Anonymous said...

I forgot how beautiful you were on your wedding day. :) Aww, good times...and it seems so far away!

You will definitely have to pass along your knowledge...sales are very good especially when you're poor!

Jess said...

I'm so glad to hear that you all are feeling better. It sounds like married life is going awesome! I have to admit that I love grocery shopping - it's now one of my highlights of the week! =)

erin toops said...

Hahaha you are a super saver! we like Turkey hill too. I'm so glad to hear that you're fully recovered from all the yucky stomach stuff that was happening. God is faithful!
Love ya,

Jess said...

No place to comment on the post above this one, but I loved your pics! We are so blessed with all the friendships we share! Miss you!

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