Today is my love's birthday. He turns 28 years old today. No one believes me when I tell them that. Neither of us look our age. Although no one has ever assumed that he is still in high school. (A few weeks ago someone asked me if I was 16 and then proceeded to let me know that , "you're not old enough to be married." Thanks for that.) But hey, as we age I support the process of aging together as long as we both look younger than we really are we're set. Aside from all the silliness of turning a year older this year has been such a fun year to celebrate his birthday. Being married it has been a little more difficult to keep surprises secret but I made him vow not to snoop around. He graciously agreed and we both laughed realizing if there is anyone that needs to be told that its me, not him!

Growing up my Mom started a tradition with us that birthdays weren't celebrated in a single day, but instead, we had a special "birthday week" where we got presents, our favorite dinners, lunches, and special cereals for breakfast every day throughout the week. With our new family only 5 months old, I thought this birthday would be the best time to carry that favorite family tradition over to ours. It started this past Sunday with gummi worms and commences next Sunday with more special surprises that are yet to come. Needless to say, all of this fun planning to bless my love for his birthday has been so wonderful! I love thinking of him and thinking of all the little and big things that would bless him and make his birthday week special. I think it has been a hit thus far :)

Happy Birthday My Love! I love you so much and am so grateful for you!

(Pictures and special stories from the whole week are yet to come...I can't ruin the surprises that are yet to come!)


Jess said...

Have fun celebrating with your man! We would LOVE a visit from you guys. Please come see us anytime (remember we have that in ground jacuzzi now!! =)

Erin Toops said...

It's ok. I know you're old enough to be married :)


Carly said...

What a dear sweet wifey you are... Miss you!!! Love!

Becca said...

It was such fun watching and hearing about the ways you came up to bless Seth--and celebrating with him at dinner of course.

Way to love your hubby--and way to turn 28 Seth. You both did a good job. :-P

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