The party to celebrate 3.

Audrey turned 3 and I knew I wanted to do something for a party, but when I asked her what she wanted she asked for a tea party. That doesn't really work with a small group of kids, ages 3/4, so we reached a compromise, we decided to do a breakfast birthday party with her big and little friends and the following day we planned a tea to celebrate with all her "aunties." Because I was trying to tackle two parties, I knew I needed to keep it simple, stick to a tiny budget, and find a decor that would work for both. Not only that, I wanted to make the party all about Audrey's favorite things. Breakfast foods, naturally made the most sense, its one of the only really good solid meals she has all day. A breakfast party is hands down one of the easiest to do in terms of food: scrambled eggs, potatoes, baked oatmeal, breakfast "sushi", and some orange slices and strawberries. 

Decorations were simple too. I recycled tin cans with spray paint and used a little washi tape to decorate a handful of cans just to mix it up. On this particular can I reused the stamp that I had used for her invitations and embossed it. With a little help from Aly, she made some doily garlands. Instead of flowers I opted for baby's breath and succulents. As a part of the decor it was fun to use several of my thrifted pink and white Pyrex pieces for food.

(photo credit: I'm Kristen)

The donut game was also inspired by one of Audrey's favorite things. She loves her sweets and she especially loves donuts. Kids always enjoy a little party game, but I didn't want to go overboard. Her cake stayed true to that theme too, mostly because I don't know how to bake to save my life. I leave baking up to my friend Jess and she happened to be out of town the day of the party so I knew I would have to be creative. It worked out perfectly. 

Favors were white paper lunch bags stamped and embossed and filled with homemade kettle corn (another Audrey favorite). To go with it, the kids got to take home play doh which were an after Halloween clearance find. 

{source list}
washi tape: downtown tape
birthday banner: Rifle Paper Company
donuts: Dunkin Donuts 
succulents: Home Depot 
paper products: Dollar Tree and Ikea
embossing supplies/stamp/invitations: Paper Source 
tablecloth fabric: Premier Prints Ikat dots on fabric.com

For more pictures, check out Kristen's blog here


Anonymous said...

did you sew around the tablecloth, finishing the 'edges' or did you just cut it to fit the table? SUPER cute fabric!! I'm loving your blog and your style. I'm 'pmart11' and follow you on IG now too. Congrats on baby #3!!

Anonymous said...

how many yards of fabric is your 'table cloth'? also, where did you find your aqua chevron rug at?? thank you!!

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