6 months of Edith.

My Edith, or Edy bear. How can it be that you are 6 months old already? The joy you have brought to our lives there aren't words to fully explain. When the Lord gave you to us He knew what we needed. You are a delightful baby girl who makes me say every day, "you are so not your sister." You have a desire to move just to keep up with the big kids (you are on the verge of crawling...eep!), you look so much like Daddy, but you are a Mommy's girl for certain, a unique affection for your sister, and a sweetness that has been a much needed distraction in the midst of some challenging times. Your desire to crawl had you waking some at night, but your Mommy is so grateful for the 10-11 hours you usually give her. Admittedly, I so cherish our 6:30am times with you in the "big bed" to nurse, then curling up on my chest and so sweetly falling right back to sleep.

My darling girl, our lives are so much the better with you in them. I have so enjoyed every minute with you getting to know that growing personality of yours: the feistiness, sassyness, adventurousness, and playfulness. We love you so much our hearts could burst.


Anonymous said...

Your girls are going to cherish the beautiful words and thoughts you have written for them. They are so blessed to have you for their mamma.
What a beautiful legacy for them!
Love you,
Lori (Grammy)

Becca said...

She's our favorite little baby raptor/piglet/bear around. Behr can't wait to join forces to chase A around.

Bethany said...

She's an enchanting little girl! (I just realized I have her half-knit birth present sitting around, unfinished. whoops!)

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