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our friends, andrew + carissa, are adopting a little girl, rinah, from uganda. we have been praying for months for the day she will come home. and we are still waiting. and still praying. and now we have this wonderful poster as reminder on our wall to keep praying. our hearts will be so glad when that day comes. 

in other tuesday miscellany, the new fleet foxes album is on amazon daily deal download for $3.99 (today only). for once in my life I am actually glad that I waited to get this album. we are going to see them with friends in less than 2 weeks and I couldn't be more excited.

if you need a great recipe idea, you should make spicy honey chicken. they tasted delicious, your tummy will be glad, and I will def make them again. (the only modification that I made was I used chicken tenderloins instead of thighs.)

and until next tuesday, I am counting down the days to this amazing app.

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AZPoolside said...

I am looking for a Meepies video...wish I had a Meepies app too

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