cinco de mayo party.

our week of parties has come to an end. my only regret...that I didn't take more pictures of the festivities. this is what happens every time I throw a party.

a. I remember to only take pictures before people start flooding in while everything looks nice. 
b. I totally forgo option a and start back paddling by taking pictures during the party. thus only getting pictures of people and not the pretty details. 
c. assign someone as the designated picture taker. 

as you can see I went with option a and next time I really should just plan for option c. but I'm happy with that for now because that meant for once, I got to sit down and actually enjoy it myself. a rare occurrence when you are playing hostess. the food was delicious, the company was perfect, and the weather was a little cooler than normal, but I can't complain after our sweltering temperatures last year. 

here is what we served up this year:

homemade guacamole
and sangria. 

to all our friends who couldn't make it, you were missed, and we can't wait to party it up with you next year. 


Kati said...

i feel like your cinco de mayo party is one of the official starts to summer....can't wait for next year's!! :-)

The Nutters! said...

Agggh. Sorry we both ended up missing it! Looks like it was lovely!

Lydia Jane said...

Super sad to miss it againnn this year. Looking forward to when it's on a Friday! I will happily be your option number C. :)

Katie said...

This looks amazing!! Love the decor and especially the food--great job! :)

Bethany said...

YUMMO! Wished I lived in Maryland! :-)

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