1825 days.

I'll take care of you, if you ask me to.
take care, beach house

today marks 5 years of being an "us." I'll never forget that day and because I'm a girl I'll never forget what seth or I were wearing when we sat at that table in borders to "talk." I was so nervous that day, I barely ate anything. I liked Seth and I hoped he liked me too. I'm so glad he did. he has made me the happiest girl in the whole world.

here we are now, a mortgage to pay, a baby in tow, and a life ahead of us to look forward to. I don't really care what comes, as long as Seth is by my side.

we got to have some time away to celebrate, contemplate, talk, and enjoy time with each other. and it was so good. reston town center was the destination choice and it was the best. would def recommend it.

we browsed paper source. which also happens to be one of my favorite stores. its a crafting heaven.
seth left his mark in the store. along with the other extremely mature "graffiti."
doing what any man would naturally do while their wife looks around anthropologie.
pretty flowers for sale.
pitango. a new favorite. their gelato is amazing. I'm only bummed that we didn't get to go back to try their sorbet before we went home. I have no doubt it is equally amazing.
because there was a wait for dinner at clyde's we went to pitango for dessert before dinner. only one of the small benefits of being an adult. 
dinner was lovely and was then followed by the kings speech. such a good movie. I never pay to go see movies, but I was grateful to walk out and not feel like I wasted $22 on a bad experience. it was an amazing story and well worth all of the oscars it won.

our last day was rainy and cold. we had every intention of eating at counter burger before we went home, but the rain was coming down in buckets and neither of us relished the idea of being soaked. and truth be told, we really missed our little baby girl. she makes coming home so much more fun.

the end.

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kendra said...

WHEN you come down to visit me, we will go to Big Daddy's... like the counter, but better.

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