the rules.

no. 1 the only means by which you can purchase clothes is by using gift cards. you can only use the exact amount on the card. you cannot spend more and make the difference up in cash (even if you receive cash as a gift).

no. 2 if you receive clothing as a gift and the item doesn't fit, you can exchange it for another item, but you cannot spend more money.

no. 3 the only person in our family who can have new clothes is Audrey if she absolutely needs them. (due to her changing size we already have some clothes set aside, but its hard to plan for her "growing" needs).

no. 4 the clothing fast includes accessories and shoes. so no jewelry or purses.

no. 5 items of clothes that are allowed: undergarments, socks, work clothes (because of the nature of Seth's job he often has to replace shoes and pants) and any outfits required if one of us is in a wedding (Seth has been asked to be in 2 so far this year).

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Samantha Nhan said...

Sounds quite fair yet quite challenging (for me). :)

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