(how about these for post header photos? seth made me pose in dumbo.)

being home has never felt better.

seth and I had a great time together at disney, but after being away for five days, my heart ached to be with my baby girl. my arms felt so empty, and as much as it was nice to be rested, I missed being a mommy. the night before we went home, I felt like a kid waiting for christmas morning. the anticipation of seeing her face, kissing her cheeks, and holding her in my arms, we both had so much to look forward to as we left.

all that to say disney was a great time. our decision to go there was kind of a last minute, on the fly, out of other options kind of idea. most of our friends reactions to us going was, "that is so not you guys." but we really enjoyed it. more than we thought we would. having the daily distraction of places to go and things to do ended up being a huge blessing so we didnt just spend our days thinking of home and our girl.

I'm a lover of good service and disney delivered so so well. it was like they went to school for food allergies, the parks were spotless, and I have to say the bathrooms we much cleaner than our target.

we ate good food.

we celebrated 4 years of married happiness.

we slept.

we wore t-shirts. (warm weather in a cold winter like ours was a welcome break)

and one of our big highlights was babycakes. a gf, df, egg free, soy free, mostly sugar free bakery. you might think that their treats would taste like cardboard, but they were amazing. so much so we made two trips there and brought a box of treats home. I am hoping they decide that dc is a good place to open a store. for a nyc hater (yes, I said it) it makes going up there just to have some babycakes goodness worthwhile.

and now I'm off to fold a basket of laundry. its the unpacking part of coming home that really isn't my favorite.


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