Janet's Birthday!

This is Seth taking over for a day. Today is Janet's birthday! If you think of it, take a minute to comment or give her a call to tell her why you love her.

I'll tell you why I love her. She's my lovey. When I met her I was immediately drawn to the depth in her character. I was also drawn to the way that she cared for her friends. Her love for Jesus was easy to see in these ways.

One night Janet came over to the place I was living and made us some killer spinach dip and I then began to notice how cute she was (There's no connection that I know of between the dip and her cuteness, except the fact that her cooking ability is very very attractive).

Right from the start of our friendship she made me laugh.

She still makes me laugh to this day. In fact, we laugh even harder together now than we did in the beginning. Sometimes, during the day, I'll think about something she said or a look on her face and just lose it. I love this about my wife.

I love the way she takes care of me as her husband and I love taking care of her, nothing brings me more joy.

Janet is an amazing mom. She was made to be a mom. Watching her carry and give birth to our first child was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I'll always be proud of the way she loved our little Audrey even when Audrey was still on the inside. I knew from the moment she told me that we were going to have a baby that she was going to be a great mom. I was right. She has flourished through the past 13 months.

I love my wifey's craftiness too. Check out these yarn balls, she made the curtains in the background too:

Of course there is so much more I could say.

Janet is an amazing woman. I'm amazed that I have her. Audrey would be amazed too if she knew what was going on. I think in some ways she does because she's such a happy little girl. She knows, in her own way, how much her mommy loves her.

I hope, my sweet girl, that you know how much I love you today. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you're mine. I'm looking forward to a smokin hot birthday date night tonight!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jan!

Great post, Seth. Janet is a beautiful, godly woman. Thanks for sharing this!

Love, Caitlin

Will and Alycia Irish said...

Happy Birthday, Janet!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a nice time out with Seth...and that Audrey gives you a birthday kiss as well. =)

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