the sweetest little meep you ever did see.

can we be done now Mom?
(mad props to Uncle the Ky and Matt for her super cute American Apparel birthday outfit)
(and super mad props to our favorite Kristen for the wonderful photos)


AZPoolside said...

Sweetness... and looks like fun being a Meep Mom too!
I can't wait to see the next shots!
The lighting is outstanding.

Laura said...


She is a spunky gal. I think Miya and her would get along just great, between the 2 of them they have enough spunk to go around!

kelly c said...

CUTENESS! (ps - it is pretty awesome that a baby mum-mum (or at least that is what it looks like) made its way into the photo.)
what a treasure photos are of our littles! :)
love you!

megan said...

those are excellent shots! Love that cuteness. :-)

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