things I'm loving Friday.

All the things I am loving today. In no particular order.

When you are an adult/errr Mom. You can eat what you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And today lunch happens to be spinach dip. You should make some too. Just because.

Her blog. Her life inspires me. And today her post was just cute. And for some reason it made me all the more excited for Seth to come home because its Friday and I'm in love with him.

Friday is milk/creamer/egg delivery day. It shows up on our front porch, glass bottled and ready to be consumed. Glass bottles really make everything prettier.

Errands with my girl when she gets up from her nap. If only she knew the joy that awaited her riding around in the TJ's cart saying hi to all the people at the store. Probably one of her biggest favs and one of my favs things to watch her do.

For all the Starbucks Via drinkers out there, Amazon is doing a one day sale on them. A pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself. Even if you aren't and you know someone who is, this would make for a great Christmas present. And free shipping. Does it get any better?

Tomorrow is looking pretty good too. Free wine tasting at Roots Market in Olney from 1-4 and 15% off cases. Yes and please. Here's to hoping we make it there.

Happy Friday y'all!

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jmosizzle said...

i like this im inspired to blog today... yes.. jmoshizzle has crossed over.

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