some holiday deals.

If you think it's too early to think Christmas you are missing out.

Here are two great holiday deals that were too good not to pass on. Forget "save the best for last" I put my favorite first.

Minted Family Photo Calendars

With 34 different designs, customizable colors, and various picture options, these were an amazing deal. And the aesthetic of these calendars can not be beat.

Here is how you get it:
Sign up for Minted email updates. In your welcome email they offer a $20 off coupon code off your first purchase (no minimum required).
If you order this week they are also currently offering free shipping until Nov. 15th.

These make for great gifts or could be cute to keep around just for yourself.

Total Cost: $9 for the standard size.

50 Free Shutterfly Christmas Cards

All the bloggers out there, you can get free cards just for blogging. Its a pretty sweet deal just for featuring some of your favorites on your blog.

UPDATE: It looks like Minted stopped offering their $20 off coupon code in the welcome email. If you already signed up and have a coupon to use the calendars are still a great deal. but if not, don't unsubscribe as they consistently send out great coupon codes. Hopefully this deal will come back around.

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megan russell said...

i was just looking at those minted calendars the other day. thanks for the tip...

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