A's b-day week day 2

These two. What can I say to adequately describe the relationship they have with each other? A's first word was "Dada" and her adoration has not stopped since.

It is the sweetest thing to watch. They enjoy each other so much and little A has totally figured out how to work her Daddy.

One of my favorite things to see is how Seth is a father to his girl. His first girl. His baby. She is always going to have a very special piece of his heart. And I am pretty sure he is convinced that she isn't going to get married until she is at least 30.

If you aren't already convinced of her adoration of Daddy, here is a glimpse into her love and excitement.

One of the best parts of having Audrey in our lives and one of the many reasons I feel so much richer is seeing this new side to my man the past year. He's an amazing husband, and its no surprise to me that he is an amazing father to our sweet little A.

Happy birthday week day 2 my sweet girl. You are so very loved!


AZ Poolside said...

Gma loves to watch this video, over and over. I am so proud of you three! Happy B'day week Audrey!

Will and Alycia Irish said...

So sweet...I have a very good feeling that Jamie's first word is going to be "Dada" as well...they have such a special relationship already!

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