weekend in PA

Audrey waving at her cousins sitting on her cousin Gabi's
the birthday girl, Claire, and her daddy. I can't believe she is 5!
Audrey and MaMa
Audrey and Grammy.
Israel James. My squishiest, cutest, only nephew. Love him so much.
Israel and Mommy.

Israel and Daddy. Check out his arm. He is a the cutest super chunk!
the birthday girl and some of her goodies.

You might have noticed "the common thread" in all these pictures of Audrey. Meet blankie. Her new favorite thing in the whole world. She holds it, smells it, and likes to rub her face in it. Lets just say she doesn't love it just at nap time, she loves it all the time. I have no doubt this is just the beginning of what you will see of blankie on our blog. And blankie is here to stay, I went out to buy two more blankies today, just in case we ever lose the original.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You are a very smart mommy to buy extra blankies! Wish we had an extra "Mr. Bear". It was great to see you guys!

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