my little love.

for years I thought about being a Mom before I ever held my girl in my arms for the first time. in thinking about motherhood and wanting kids, no one could have prepared me for one of the most significant experiences I have ever had in this life. in the past few days my ability to care for Audrey and meet her needs has been extremely limited as I am recovering from a surgery to remove my gallbladder. as I have had to hand her off to many other loving hands it has given me time to reflect on all the things I love about her and love doing to care for her. the big things, and the small things, I love every part of being a mommy to my girl. changing diapers, taking baths, getting her dressed, folding her little clothes, laughing together, playing with toys, wiping off faces and hands, feeding her, and the list goes on. I love them all because its time I get to spend with her and getting to know her.

In spite of a slow recovery, life is still good. So so good.

I am incredibly blessed.

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