some photos we've been lovin.

we've been loving us some Scooter, aka Makenna DeVries. She is just the sweetest little thing and we are so glad to have her in our lives (and her Mommy and Daddy too!). I have to say...Hannah is one of the prettiest new mommies ever.
sink time. the summer days have been hot and Audrey love to play in the water. she has even learned hot to turn the water off and on. can you say trouble? (as seen on full display in exhibit a)
"Mommy where is the water? The water is not coming out."

uncle the ky. audrey has finally started warming up to him. I think she really likes to play with his glasses.

aunt nene got a paci clip for meeps. needless to say they have been inseparable ever since. I was the mom in total denial for way too long. this thing is such a godsend and now I don't have to reach down and grab the paci off the floor 50x's a day.
she is officially in the explorer stage. here she is on our dining room table sitting on top of a blanket I just made for her new baby friend, Scooter. and if you look close you can see aunt becca's hand keeping her from rolling off the table.
(can you say big girl? and, thanks B for the outfit. I adore it and I tell A every time she wears it that she should too.)

my darling girl. you are loved. every day of your life. we adore you and thank God for you.


Jess said...

She is precious...I still have high hopes for a union, say 23-24 years down the road... =)

megan said...

I'm loving those pics! Great job.

The Nutters! said...

So sweet! Yay sink time :)

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