check and check.

bags are packed.

carseat is "installed."

already done one mall walk.

house is clean (thanks to an amazing group of CG ladies who surprised me while I was gone for a weekend).

baby clothes are washed.

maternity pictures are done.

now we just need a baby.

and we can't wait to meet her.


Anonymous said...

We can't wait to meet her too! We are praying for you three. Love you!

Jess said...

I'm right there with you, friend! Can't wait for the big day for both of us!

Becca said...


TSK said...
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TK said...

Excited for you both!

Anonymous said...

Now, this is THE count down...Will all the number 6's please raise their hand. Is anyone willing to be a number 5 or 4? Here's a daring one to ask: Is anyone up for being # 8? Any takers for # 10? Oh, then I guess we all are just grateful that Miss Meeps has hung "in" this long, so any day is just fine with me!

{{{}}} lots of luvin' RASPBERRIES ready when you are, Meepers. And, Your G'ma is dreamin' about you!

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