Update 1 of ??

Hello World-Wide-Web Janner, Seth, and Meeper lovers,

Guess what?! We're at the hospital! annnnnnd we're waiting on Miss Meeps to make her appearance!! Hopefuly today. :-) Jan's been a trooper laboring at home all day today but once the contractions got to be 3 minutes apart it was time to vamonos over to the hospital. So now Jess, Dre, and I are camped out in the waiting room and keeping entertained with texts from the nervous daddy and fellow waiting room dwellers.

We'll be back with more later. :-)
--Becs and Bunny


David & Hannah said...

Thanks for the update!

Melissa said...

Ooo, yay! So exciting. Thanks for updating us!

Elise said...

woohoo! prayin' for them!

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