Baby girl has a room! This is what the nursery looked like before (above) and now:
It is still a work in progress but it has come a long way thanks to Seth's hard work. He amazes me. We are waiting on the crib and this week finally found a rocking chair/glider (thanks to all the Mom's for advice!). I'm really happy we patiently searched because it was worth all the effort.
And here she is, all almost 4 pounds of her at 31 weeks.


Mrs. Miller said...

GORGEOUS!! Love the rug and antique-ish chest of drawers!

Anonymous said...

Smmmmooches and Rassssspberries to Miss Meeps!
I love the beadboard trim idea...I can't wait to see the room with the crib and the Meepers sheepin'

See you in less than 3 weeks :-)
you MoM goes to Meepersland

Jess said...

So pretty! Hope you are feeling good! Not too much longer for either of us! Yay!

Justin & Erin Toops said...

Aww so pretty Jan! I love the room.

Megan said...

Love the room! And your maternity clothes :-)

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