Hat Tip

I'm a sucker for a good deal. If you find me in the Target clearance aisle wandering alone (Seth usually grabs my hand and keeps me on track) I can usually be found perusing the piles in search of the best deal in the store. There is no feeling quite like finding something that was originally $14.99 marked down to $3.74 or more recently while in Nordstrom Rack I found a onesie for a friend having a baby for $0.01 (yes, a penny!). How can you leave deals like that behind?!

In an effort to save money (aren't we all right now?) but not entirely cut out the fun stuff every once in awhile, I have been using a site called Travelzoo. Don't write it off or think its like one of those cheesy sites that finds cruises for $199/person and takes you on a horrible adventure. I don't use the site for everything, but thus far, their top 20 Deals have been well worth the email subscription. Signing up is completely free, they send out updates every Wednesday, with deals from the Ritz to the Greenbrier, to resorts all over the world, to flights to London and back. I have been able to use this site to book rooms for more than half off at times. I can't say every Top 20 deal has been something to rave about, but all in all I haven't felt like I have been spammed every Wednesday when it arrives in my inbox.


kendra said...

it is my FAVORITE! I love travelzoo!
(ps, i was shopping for a friend in Janie and Jack, and found a baby girl sweater dress that was $49 for $3.99! SHAZAM!)

Jess said...

So, did you like Boden? Maybe not the super deals you love, but super cute!!

AZ Poolside said...

Yes! Making me proud!
I smell you ;-)
your MoM (goes to Target)

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