Flu Shots

(photo credit: Connie's iPhone)
Check. Both Remsnyders are immunized.

Apparently, a flu shot can really do a number on Seth. Sunday evening we went over to Jess's to have her do the deed and shortly after, Seth basically passed out on the couch complaining of ringing ears, tingling in his arm and all kind of other things. I know in the moment I should have probably felt more of a sense of compassion for him, but it was pretty funny to witness his reaction to it and all of us girls couldn't stop laughing. But, thank the Lord, Jess is a nurse and she knew exactly what to do and he was up on is his feet in about 15 minutes and in the end he got the shot, so hopefully no flu this winter!

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Laura said...

Oh the wonderful vasovagal response. I remember when this would happen at the drs office I worked for, these big men would start to faint after a shot or getting their blood drawn and I was the only one to try to keep them from hitting the floor. It was hard not to laugh... :)

Poor Seth though. But really I second the "no flu this season" :)

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