All in the Family

This post is dedicated to our friend, Matt. He was a groomsman in our wedding and really is like a part of our family, this year he joined us for our Christmas card picture session. (Or more or less got dragged along because we were running late after lunch.)

Needless to say, he and Seth couldn't have survived the cold without Starbucks in hand and a preliminary shoot on the playground.

Just us...unless Matt is hiding in the trees somewhere...

Get Ready
Get Set

Believe it or not, we really did get a good picture or two or three or four. Thanks Dre for having fun with us and taking our pictures!

(And as far as what picture we chose you just have to wait and see when they arrive in the mail.)


Jess said...

So cute! We just did ours last weekend at the beach. Can't wait to see all the Christmas cards this year!

Allie said...

Great pictures!! You know I love to see your beautiful face, Janet, but I think my favorite is the playground shot. I am amazed by Seth's balance. :) Love you guys and miss you lots!!

Becca said...

I love creepy Matt with the branch. That's my fav. :-)

Kim said...

I love the ready, set, go shots. They are funny. I love all the leaves on the ground too- how beautiful! Don't you just love taking photos for the right Christmas picture? My friend, Suzanne H. from home says hi!

Anonymous said...

oh, KidS!

very nice!

At least you didn't poop in your pants on the ready - set - go!

Have you had any time to talk to Matt about his proclivity to smell trees?


your MoM ( goes to the game )

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