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We've been missing from the blogging world and needless to say our connection depends on computers. Computers that fail us. It all stared two weeks ago when the hard drive on my personal Mac went out, my work computer followed suit a week later with a virus. The computers were repaired, one new hard drive and many hours later. The end result being, all my personal pictures and documents were spared, but I lost the last two months of all my work off the other one. Budgets, agendas and to do lists vanished with no explanation.

In the midst of the computer's melt downs. My car went on the fritz (on a date night with friends!) and had to be towed. Instantly my heart was anxious and I feared for the cost of the repair in light of all the major updates we had to do with my computer. My mind went to the worst, fearing thousands of dollars worth of work on the car would result. In the Lord's mercy the repairs were minor and we were able to get Margot fixed at minimal cost to us.

The past few weeks have been full of joys, new babies (born and conceived), showers with dear friends, date nights with Seth, birthday parties, a move, and wonderful times spent with the Lord. I see the Lord's hand in it all and it was the words of a dear old friend, Mr. Spurgeon, that encouraged me in the moments where I was tempted to fear:
"Do not fear! Has not God helped you in every plight already? When we cast our cares on the Lord, to do as He wills, at no time will He be unkind. He will never put is in the furnace unless He intends to purge our dross, and the furnace will not be one degree warmer than is absolutely necessary. Mercy will always balance misery; strength will always support burden. The Lord is our friend; He will never be our foe."

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Jess said...

I'm right there with you friend! In about a weeks time, the fridge wasn't working, we had to get our pantry sprayed for bugs, our computer broke, and our alarm system was down. I was struggling with anxiety about the potential costs and it was amazing when I sat down and prayed, the Lord gave me grace to trust Him and all worked out with minimal (a few with no) costs. Isn't God kind to be patient with our anxious hearts! Miss ya!

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