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Today my dear friend, cube mate, and coworker, Jenn, found it her duty to inform me that Seth and I are no longer newlyweds (according to her assessment) and that we are officially DINKS (double income, no kids). This was all based on these facts: we own a house, have been married for more than a year, and I've learned the world of cooking and meal planning (go figure, because in my defense I still can't boil an egg without making them explode).

So my question is to all you out there when does it all change? I'd like to stay a newlywed, just like I'd like to be 22 forever.


Jean said...

it's ok to be a dink.

you will always be a newlywed in your heart.(sappy, I know)

you really don't want to be 22 forever. growing old(er) is one of the loveliest things.

I've been married for close to 24 years and still haven't "learned the world of cooking and meal planning." can you teach me?

Bethany Miller said...

I agree with Jean. You two will be newlyweds forever! Getting older, on the other hand, is inevitable.

Being a DINK is great. But having a baby is even better!!!!! ;-) (no pressure)

connie j said...

i don't know about the married part. but really. getting older is much better than being 22. youth is over rated. i'm only a couple years into my 30s and much prefer it.

Anonymous said...

I dink I wuv you
your MoM (goes swimming)

Jess said...

Yeah, you're definately past the newly-wed stage because every posted pic isn't one of your wedding...remember that phase? Now you can pass on all your married knowledge to those saps who have only been married for a year. =)

tessa winn said...

where's your "dinks" pic on the side bar? :)

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