Our Basement

Pictures of the basement of our house have been absent from all our posts about the house thus far, part of me has forgotten it exists and empty basements aren't too exciting to take pictures of. Thankfully it won't be empty for much longer.
I hope they are as excited to live with us as they are in this picture! She moves in June and then when they get married in August they will both be back and moved in together. This will be just one of many posts about them I am sure and the many adventures we have under the same roof.
We love you guys and can't wait to see you more often!


David & Hannah said...

Seth and Janet! We are so EXCITED and BLESSED to start our lives with you. What fun adventures we will have together!See you in a couple days:-)

Anonymous said...

I am excited too!
I hope to see Hanna & David in June!
your MoM

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