House Guests

So to our blog reading faithful...life has been full in the new house and we are loving every second of it. Our couch came two weeks ago and our dining set came this week and we were delivered from eating off the card table. Hurrah!

Here are some pictures from our first house guests...
One of my bestest friends, Carly, came to stay with me while Seth was gone at T4G this past week and we had so much fun. Whats not to love about time to shop, catch up, and fellowship? Time with her is so sweet and I am so grateful that she came all the way across the country to stay with me and help me get miles of house projects done. Love you friend!

We also had The Abbott's come and stay with us just a week after we moved in. We got to spend such sweet time with our two sweet nieces, Gabi and Isabella. We built forts, fed the ducks, read books at Barnes & Noble, and played at Chick-Fil-A.
Me and Bunny on our first day in the house. She was the first guest through our front door and did my first grocery trip with me.
Dre and Bec visited too and brought us a much needed snack from Rita's.
And my to-do list rolls on. Its never ending really...they say it takes 3 years to really "settle" in. I guess that means I have 2 years, 11 months, 13 days, and counting to get to the bottom of that list...


Jess said...

I know just what you mean! Our house still echos...alot! But, it's fun to take the time to browse and find what you really love, because after all, you will have it for a long time! Have fun - your house looks cute!

David & Hannah said...

I want to come visit :-)

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