Your Upper Lip is Curly and it Smells Funny...

Many years ago a friend of mine, a dear old friend by the name of Joe Mancuso, had a funny saying that makes me laugh (or chortle, if you prefer) whenever I think about it. Sometimes, when silence woud fall for a few moments, he would look at either myself or my friend Jared and say: "You got a curly upper lip and it smells funny."
I began to tell Jan how her upper lip is curly and how it smells funny whenever I remembered this. Now we both tell each other this on a regular basis how our upper lips are curly and how they smell funny and we laugh every time.
WELL, tonight, after dinner, I couldn't shake this funky smell that I kept smelling every few minutes. I sniffed around the dining room, aound the kitchen, I even "smelled my fingers," and I just couldn't find the scent aywhere.
I can even smell it as I type this post. I found the smell. It's my upper lip. My upper lip smells funny right now. I can't get away from it. It's a cruel form of torment. I even had Janet verify that it is indeed, my upper lip that smells funny. Who would've thought, except maybe for Joe Mancuso?
Question for all you bloggers out there: Is my upper lip curly? Cause it def smells funny right now.
Jan says YES! Your thoughts!?

1 comment:

tessa said...

seth: where fruity chapstick. the smelliness will cease.

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