Do You Have the Keys?

Is often the refrain that I repeat to Seth every time we walk back to our car. On Saturday we were meeting with our pastor, Isaac, at Starbucks and as we were walking back to the car I asked Seth this very question. I was kind of chilly and ready to jump in the car and the key fob would give me a nice head start to jumping into a warm car. As Seth began to feel around in his pockets he quickly realized that he didn't have the keys. I got that sinking feeling in my stomach but for some reason in my moment of distress I decided to open the passenger door (Seth often also leaves the car doors unlocked too!) and discovered the keys in the ignition of the car!

As we were driving home Seth commented that he would have been happy to have someone "steal" our car so we could get a new one. To which I let him know it would have been one thing for our keys to have been stolen but it is another thing to give the car away (I seriously doubt that insurance covers those kind of mistakes)!

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