Grocery Store Musings

  • I like the little cart option now that Safeway has. For some reason they make me feel cute just to push them around the store.
  • Music selections in Safeway today: "Bad to the Bone" I kid you not. I had to stop and think that something really was off when I look up and see grandma pushing her cart through the milk aisle with that song playing in the backround.
  • Moms need to get out more. There was one Mom in particular that was literally trying to have a conversation with her 8 month old about some product in the baby aisle. "Dominic, now what kind of blah blah blah does your cousin Lauren use?" It could have been a normal conversation and had I not turned around I probably would have never known she was talking to her baby in the stroller who was more concerened with his pacifier than what she had to say.

Ahh I love being a wife.


tessa said...

i know, i love the little carts.
sams don't got that ;)

Ruth said...

So true! The best is watching the men, that you know have been sent on an errand by their wife to pick up something, wandering aimlessly about trying to figure out which aisle the item they need to pick up is in. Sometimes I'm so tempted to stop and ask them if they need help, but it's just too entertaining. :) (Especially when you pass them three times and there's still nothing in their hands!)

Becca said...

too bad I wasn't there to do a special dance. ;-)

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