Baby Boy

This past week Seth told me that my pet name use of the word baby was getting "excessive." I had to laugh when he called me out on this. Then today the poor boy came down with the flu, don't worry not the stomach kind and he really has been a baby all day long. I love him, but there is something so pitiful about boys when they are sick. Granted this is pretty bad, a fever of 101.5, body aches, cough and headache. I'm just glad he is finally sleeping, it was a full day.


Jim & Tessa said...

you are so right jan! jimbo just came down with something yesterday, was running a temp two degrees too high and believe me, the babying was in full motion :). Just got to love them . Thanks for caring for yours so well ;)

Michael said...

I just feel the love oozing out of your heart as you say "pitiful", lol. ;-p

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