The Life of a Wife

or a day in the life. I think we have finally fallen into a routine, hooray! After almost 9 months of being married it took us a little time and it seems that no matter what I expect God always has a different plan, but there seems to be a little more continuity to our lives now. And that includes my lazy butt going back to the gym, with some encouragement from Seth I knew it was time.

7 am-The dreadful alarm goes off sounding AM980. It usually takes Seth about 5 minutes to hear it and turns it off and in that short span of him being in a blissful denial sleep I hear the weather, the actual time, forecast for the day, traffic as well as other randomn useless facts from Paul Harvey. While I listen to the weather my mind scans through all the clean clothes that I have and I have found that it saves me a ton of time if I actually have my outfit picked out before I fall into the dreadful habit orf putting on 5 different tops and pants.

7:15am-Seth finally stumbles out of bed, up the stairs and makes his breakfast. I fall back to sleep after a few snuggles.

7:45am-I am woken by kisses from my love on my forehead, sometimes welcomed, sometimes not depending on if I actually want to get up. Most mornings I love it :)

8am-shower, throw my hair back and makeup on.

8:30am-out the door and work until 5pm.

5pm-off to the gym(Mindy, when are you going? I've been looking for you!). I love it and hate it at the same time. The smell of sweat is like a punch in the face everytime you walk in the door, but you feel oh so good when its time to leave after a great work out.

6:15pm-home and in the kitchen trying to come up with something creative for dinner and if I planned ahead I already have a meal planned (this is a bonus with how busy life is right now!)

6-7pm-Seth gets home, showers and we eat dinner.

7-8pm-dinner clean up, cards, books, errands, grocery shopping, quiet times, CG you fill in the blank. Monday nights are date nights, Tuesday nights are CG nights, Wednesday/Thursday nights are nights home or friends over, and Fridays are always full.

10-11pm-Reading, talking, lights out! This is one of my favorite times of the day, when my head hits the pillow and I have 8 beautiful hours of sleep ahead of me. Such a great feeling. I can't lie, I love sleep. Lord help me when the kids come. I hope they get the Remsnyder genes and love their sleep as much as Seth does :)


mindy said...

I'm coming, I'm coming...now that the race is over, I'm heading back to the gym (instead of running outside). See ya soon! :-)


Kelley Murphy said...

good luck on the sleep thing. =)

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