A Kid at Heart

For anyone who knows me, it is obvious that I love shoes, purses, and pretty much any other fashion accesory. And for as much as I love them our budget doesn't always allow so that means being super creative and since God gave me a size 6/61/2 foot I can buy shoes from the kids department. Here is a recent purchase:
And I am oh so excited about them, especially since there is an almost exact pair at J.Crew on sale for $80. When Seth asked me how much they cost by the sound of his voice I could sense some dread, but when I told him I only paid $30 there was a huge sigh of relief.

So for any ladies out there with a size 7 foot or smaller check out the kids department(I personally reccomend Nordstroms for their selection). You can find some really good deals!


beth said...

awesome...thanks for the tip
love kids clothes shopping too -
can find deals for much less

Jess said...

You're adorable!

Becca said...

I second Beth--Kids' clothes are wear it's at and yes Nordstrom is a great place for kids' shoes.

Cynth said...

Yes I agree Jan! I even bought some last night from Target. At Maurice's the same idea of shoe was around $30 and I got them for $13. Cashier couldn't stop telling me how little my feet must be. =)

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