We're Going to be Parents

Yeah, pulled you in with a title like that. Bet you want to keep reading now? This past week somehow a rumor got started that I was pregnant. Go figure. Its amazing how these things get started considering I wasn't even aware that I was and am still not. Maybe that's the subtle way of saying I'm packing on the pounds and its starting to show or maybe I could blame it on the recent empired waist shirt styles that compelled a few to come up to me in church two Sundays ago to hear if it was true from the horses mouth (wasn't the first time that it has happened). And the answer is...no. Still not pregnant. Kyle, Lyle, Pyle was convinced that my cold last week must have been morning sickness and that Seth and I were just trying to keep it a really good secret. But again, no. Def not pregnant. This leads me to a good answer for all of you out there who have started to wonder...if we stick with our plan little baby Charlie won't be making his debut in the world until 2009, that is if things go according to our desires and plans. Given our living situation right now and the fact that we would prob have to hang him from the ceiling to give him a place to sleep, we want to hold off on the having kids thing for now and enjoy our first year together.

All this to say, we totally realize that we serve a God who is sovereign over the unexpected surprises of children and getting pregnant so we would be thrilled if God would bless us with the gift. So for the record, Baby Charlie is not on his way right now.

Why did I title the post what I did? We are going to be watching little Carson (or Sarson as he refers to himself in the 3rd person) during the first week of October for a couple days and we couldn't be more excited. Jon and Jenni have served us and blessed us immeasurably during our time here and it is a joy for us to be able to watch their sweet boy while they are away. Last week we got to watch him when they went out for date night and we had such a blast. The plan for the night was dinner, which he got all over the front of himself. Ice cream, which he had two bites. And trains. Trains may not seem all that special but it pretty much is the love of his little two year old heart right now. From the moment we got into the car it was all about "Gordon" from Thomas the Train show to when we stepped foot into the Barnes and Noble kids department. Knowing how much he loved the trains we weren't sure how it was going to go when it was time to go but he did great and he was rewarded with two characters from the Backyardigans.

While on the topic of kids, I digress and have to post some pictures of our adorable nieces who we love so much:

The "girly girly" of the bunch. She is a woman after my own heart, I'm convinced its her love for all things related to purses and shoes. She loves her mommy and doesn't like loud noises or being dirty and has the most amazing vocabulary for a 2 year old. She has the precious baby cheeks that you just want to squeeze. And did I mention that she is adorable and oh so cute?

The personality of the girls. Being just a few months older than Claire she has the gorgeous long brown hair and beatiful eyes and lets just say she single handedly crushed the bag of animal crackers all on her own. She's learning so much right now and has a very strong affection for "Pat the Bunny."

She's a beauty. That's why I love the picture below. It's her eyes. And she loves to be a cheese for the camera too. She is often making us laugh with the things she says and all that she is learning about Jesus. And she loves to let you know about Him too. Its precious to see the love that she has in her heart already for the things of the Lord.

I digress again. Yes, I was tagged. And yes, my recipes are coming!

And lastly, these two are getting married:
(Thank you Josh Harris for the picture) Can you believe it? They have a great story. And it is amazing to see the faithfulness of God in their lives that has brought them to each other.
And they are SO in love.


Laura said...

So no babies yet ;) Its so funny how those rumors start...and spread like wildfire! I love those pictures of your nieces too, so cute!

Claire's Mommy said...

Wow, I know I haven't checked up on you guys in a while, but my heart skipped a beat when I read the title of this post. Those are some great pics of the girls!! Hope you guys are doing well - Claire and I miss you both!! Love, Allie

Becca said...

you're a funny girl. I'd kill you if I found out you were prego on a blog but I have to admit I raised my eyebrows when I saw your blog title. who knows. you think you tell me lots of things sometimes. ;-)

you have the cutest little nieces! looks like good genes for some cute little Sethasauruses. they need some boys in the mix.

and clearly, before there was time, God had a man for Patricia. :-P

Jess said...

Janet! Only you would pull one like that - especially after our conversation a few days ago...you are too much. Hey, I need your dressing advice - read my last blog post! =)

Chavia said...

Lol its funny how rumors spread like wildfire in the church..

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