our easter.

Easter this year looked a lot different than years past, a low key celebration at home, with a yummy lunch made by my Mom, a simple egg hunt in the front yard, and our big accomplishment was getting all four of us dressed for family pictures. Edith, at one week, celebrated by letting me sleep 5 consecutive hours. And as any Mom of little ones can attest, that was no small gift.

Life since Easter has been full, to say the least. My Mom went home, we bought a brand new minivan (and I love it-gasp) and I had my first full week alone with the girls. Amazingly I even left the house with both of them a few times.

Edith continues to bring so much joy to our lives. She looks like Daddy and has a special bond with Mommy. She's still figuring out the whole sleep thing, but has had a few repeat long stretches of sleep at night since Easter. She's a peaceful, mostly contented baby when she's awake and is really such a little sweet thing.

Audrey is adjusting well to her new role as big sister and continues to want to shower Edith with love and affection, often asking throughout the day "hold her" or "Mommy take picture" when she gets a turn with her baby sister.


Mrs. Miller said...

A five hour stretch is indeed a gift! Edith sounds, already, like such a special, sweet girl. You're 2 for 2!

Amy said...

Love edith's dress! You look great! :)

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