project dreaming.

For now, this post has been brought to you by bed rest, which allows me plenty of time to dream big dreams, but not ability to execute. My brain is in full on brainstorm mode and I'm itching to "get back to work." 2 weeks down, 1 week and a few days to go. Third trimester nesting is being put to the test. 

I have low expectations in terms of what I am actually going to be able to accomplish once I am off bed rest and what I am able to do really depends on when baby sister decides she's really ready to come. Let's just say it wouldn't be my dream for my water to break in a thrift store. 

So in the spirit of hopefulness, here is my list of things I hope to accomplish before baby comes:

-Relocate our TV to the basement and finally say goodbye to the broken TV stand. 
-Find and paint a thrifted dresser for Audrey's big girl room. 

Once the TV is moved I can also start working on the ugly space that it leaves behind, but I am excited because it has great potential. To make this project more fun, I am making a goal of not spending more than $100. Here's to hoping I can pull that one off. Since I have to buy a sideboard and refinish it this could be a challenge.

Forgive the iPhone quality pics, bedrest keeps me pretty limited these days and I think you get the idea, it needs help. Thank heavens for Pinterest and if you follow me on there you may have noticed these pretties that I've pinned for inspiration for this space: 

(source: pinterest)

 (source: pinterest)

(source: pinterest)

(source: pinterest)

And one last thing I am so excited about, is after long last a new blog design is coming and I can't wait til its finished. I'm not a designer and blogger templates aren't my fav, so it was time to start thinking about a change and find something thats cleaner and simpler and truly more my style. Here's to hoping its up and ready soon!

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