our 2011.

It's hard to know where to start after a year like this. Seth decided this was our roller coaster year. We had some really high high's and some really low low's. Walking through this year, it didn't particularly feel that volatile, but looking back, it was a significant year.

-We didn't buy clothes (separate post coming on this later).
-We found out about baby girl #2 and Audrey turned 2.
-Our church, that we love, is walking through one of the biggest trials I have ever experienced. It has been good, and we can see good coming from it, but there have been a lot of very sad days.
-Several dear friends got married and Seth was in 2 weddings.
-We made some major progress on house projects (in large part thanks to Pinterest). Our bedroom and dining room are almost done, and the basement ideas are rolling.
-Every single kitchen appliance in our house died and we finally bit the bullet and put new windows on our house. This was probably our biggest house investment year yet. But on the bright side of an investment like that, at least its done?
-We discovered the wonderful gift of Skype as a means of staying in touch with my Mom, Gma, who lives all the way across the country.
-Seth had the opportunity to show his art work not once, but twice, and we got to meet some really cool new people. It was such a privilege. He was able to sell several pieces. And for a proud wifey, this was a high. (If you missed them, he is hoping to do another show in 2012 with a whole new body of work.)
-We celebrated 5 years of marriage in year 4 with a trip to Disney.
-We had one of the best summer vacation trips to Cape May with some of our dearest friends.
-My best friend, of many years, had her first baby boy, Behr. It goes without mentioning that I got to throw her the shower of my dreams too.

And after another year passing, our God has remained the same. He never changes. And for that we are grateful as we look ahead to a new year, 2012. It will no doubt hold many unexpected blessings and trials, but we know that our faithful, good, wise, and loving Savior goes with us.

So as with Merry Christmas, it also seems right to say, Happy New Year, from us to you.

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Yahnatan said...

Beautiful post.

"We made some major progress on house projects (in large part thanks to Pinterest)."

Can you tell us more about this? I think K and I want to do the same thing with our new place!

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