there and back.

life has been full. wonderfully full. the other day as we were leaving the house, rushing out to the car for the 10th time that day I had the thought...I should be grateful for these moments in life when there aren't enough minutes in the day and I forgot a sippy cup and I have to rush to a dinner to celebrate a birthday because these moments are life happening. of life being lived, not wasted. I can shun the busy and crave the quiet, the solitary and although those are moments I cherish, I am so grateful to God for the people (and child) he put in our lives to celebrate, to spend time with, to talk to, to teach, to love, to learn from, to embrace. I want to be grateful for these times, to love them and be content where God has me, whatever he brings my way.

in the past week we have celebrated two birthdays, visited the farm to bring a pig home (dead that is), got a nasty cold, dined with friends on the deck for dinner, packed our bags and unpacked from our beach trip to cape may with friends, and welcomed a plastic duck into our family. its been truly a blessed month and the beach was heaven. with that busyness, the camera has been left at home and the camera phone has taken over.

and in other news, bon iver has their new album streaming on NPR this week for free. score. go check it out. its awesome.

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