life never seems to slow down. this past week has been a little busier than normal.

fleet foxes on sunday was amazing. if you ever have the chance to see them live, you totally should. and to make the show even more fun, this actress was sitting two rows in front of us.

she looks more like this now:
and sadly, none of us had the courage to go up to talk to her before she left. sigh. 

monday we bought a new dishwasher. exciting date night, right? ours was on its last legs and thankfully we were able to get an amazing deal.

which come tuesday, we might as well have paid full price for the dishwasher because after 28 years, I landed my first speeding ticket. $80. major ouch. I wasn't sure if I wanted to cry or just be angry. lets just say I decided against crying.

and in the mix of all this we have been loving dinners on the deck.

and watching our girl walk for the first time.  
happy wednesday, its all downhill from here to the weekend. which I already can't wait for.


The Nutters! said...

Hi! <3

Kyle Martineau said...

If I was there, I would have totally talked to her.

kendra said...

i would have talked to her. parent trap is one of my favorite movies. I would say "Its haley mills! And haley mills!"
and i would NOT have played it cool

AZPoolsid said...

your MoM would have talked to Haley Mills.
Hey, I love the videos, keep 'em coming. <3

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