a table for many.

since we have owned our home, our front door has always been open to our friends and family. we have always wanted our home to be a place that people felt welcome, included, and a part of our family. in our 3 years of being here, we have seen that desire become a reality as we have watched our front door open time and time again to those we love the most. there is so much of life that is shared over a meal, relaxing in the living room on the couch, summer dinners on the deck, or making meals together in the kitchen. I'm so glad its never been about a perfectly neat home, but instead bringing people into the reality of our lives and sometimes it is messy, our child screams at dinner time, and a meal isn't always a success.

at least one night a week, usually thursdays, the sound of laughter, and voices of friends fill our home and gather around our table. we love these times, and as a wife and someone who didn't know how to cook when I got married it has provided me with an opportunity to not only learn how to cook more, but cook for many, try new things, and doing it all on a small budget. for me, I have loved the challenge. some thursdays, I have a head count as text messages roll in throughout the day, and other times, I'm operating off an estimate, and every so often there is always a surprise thrown in and you learn to adapt and add a place for more.

hopefully soon, I'll get my act together and do a post on meals for a crowd. but for now, its friday, the weather is amazing, and our day is shaping up to be quite full.

seth is in a wedding this weekend, we have the rehearsal and dinner to go to tonight, and a day to celebrate tomorrow. looking at the weather forecast, we are already fervently praying for the rain to hold off and for the Lord to give them a beautiful day.

happy friday!

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Ruth said...

Looking forward to that post, friend! That's our hope for our new place, too. Would love tips!

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