easter us.

one tired baby + her uncanny ability to get into anything + a mounds bar + wanting to walk, but not knowing how = these pictures. 

as a mom there can be this idea in my mind of how I want a picture to look. and a lot of the time, that just doesn't happen when you have a cranky toddler who doesn't have the ability to grasp mom's dream. our family easter pictures were the result of about six tries (with naps in between) and it's a good opportunity to realize its not about perfect, its about capturing the here + now and being grateful for it. even in a year so much has changed. because some day these toddler days will be gone, there won't be a baby to hold as cranky as they are, and she will be walking on her own. we have so much where we are, and I don't want to miss out on the good of the "now".


Elaine said...

And when that some day comes, you will LOVE these pix. I love them already! She is such a sweetheart, and very cute even when she is cranky! Love you and yours. - Mama Price

Bethany said...

First of all, these pictures are lovely--especially like the last two! But I know what you mean about cranky kids. An older mom once told me that is is the real pictures of her cranky kids, stubborn behavior, wrinkled dresses, etc that she treasures most now because they represent life as it was in all of its difficulty and glory! :-)

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