meet flor.

to all the lovers of their homes, in particular, those who have wood floors or spaces that need covered. 

meet FLOR

if I had known about this company a long time ago, I probably would have used more of it in my house. its a much more affordable solution to area rugs and you can even customize your look by staggering the tiles or doing a traditional look piecing them together. with a little handy dandy FLOR builder, you can put it all together before you buy. 

I'm seriously considering this option for our dining room because if one tile gets stained its easy to take up and replace and the price is about 50-75 cheaper than purchasing an area rug. the only question is, do seth and I have what it takes to put something like this together?

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Julie said...

i was looking at this website recently too but wasn't sure about the textures/softness of some of the tiles. we need to do an area rug in our living room, it's all hardwood!

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