reading. seth's art was featured on kristen's blog today as a part of her giveaway contest. go enter. you just might win!

listening to. you should buy this album. I know I'm a year late on getting to it, but its an album I listened to the first time around and didn't really find it remarkable, but the second time around won me over and I haven't stopped listening to it since. music downloads from amazon are a beautiful thing. your wallet will thank you because usually their albums are cheaper than iTunes, they often offer free song downloads, and they have a great selection.

watching. audrey could watch this video 20x a day if I let her. right now we are trying to limit it to an amount that I can count on one hand. the only thing that makes it tolerable is that its jack johnson and not some annoying kids song.

eating. this was dinner last night. and the leftovers are a lunch favorite. and the best part of it all, was that audrey actually ate some of it. victory.

making. this is dinner tonight. its nothing good for you. but its a favorite. and whats wrong with a little bit of comfort food every now and then? you know its a paula deen recipe when it involves lots of butter.

plans for today. waiting for the dryer vent cleaner man to come. exciting, right? heres to hoping our dryer works a lot better now. and with a high of 62 I am hoping for at least a walk outside. its too pretty to stay inside.

happy thursday y'all!

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