baby stuffff.

for all things baby, here are some of my faves right now.

practical. this stroller was a gift to us and we love it. and right now one of my fav baby sites is offering the doubles version for such a steal with free shipping.

cheap. I'm not going to lie, its one of my fav times of the year when totswap comes around. it brings out the bargain hunter in me. and there is nothing like leaving there with a bag full of stuff that you paid $20 for that you would have spent over $200 on at the store. my fav find from last time was this baby. so glad I bought it, because we use it all the time when we eat out.

extravagant. last night I told seth that the only thing that makes me want to be pregnant again* (aside from having another baby) is the clothes. and now that one of my fav, fav stores is selling maternity its like a danger zone.

*for the record I am NOT pregnant right now.

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