our week in pictures & a video.

it snowed a lot. but the ups man still came. but he didn't bring my package. that made me a little sad. tracking said its supposed to come today. ive been wanting this game for awhile.

we played some games. phase 10 was involved. its the game you start, but never finish. because you dont have enough patience to finish all 10 phases.
I worked on a special craft project for our niece, Gabi. I hope she likes it. unfourtunately, after all the work we were unable to make it to her party this past weekend because I ended up in bed with the pukies.
but before I got the pukies, I was able to shovel some snow and spend some time outside with my girl. I kept trying to convince her that she should like it, but to no avail. the only thing that she enjoyed was the doggies that would walk by and the children playing on our street.
it was so incredibly beautiful. Im not a huge fan of the snow, but it was truly breathtaking to behold.
and in case there was any question in your mind from last year, audrey did not like the snow any more this year.

thankfully the pukies are over and seth and audrey did not succumb. yet. I'm praying they dont, because I don't want to sound dramatic, but it was truly awful.

and you may be wondering where is a food picture or recipe post. sorry folks. I was planning on posting the recipe from the last meal I ate before I got sick. but you know how that goes. lets just say I had to throw out all of the ingredients in my fridge to purge the memory of it from my mind.

hope your weekends were better than ours!


The Nutters! said...

:P glad you're feeling better! We got Ticket to Ride for Christmas, but haven't gotten to play yet.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better!!

kendra said...

seeing Jeremy in that picture made me happy.

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