remsnyder family staycation.

welcome to the fun. its been a great week so far having seth at home to enjoy lots of family time together. because of his work schedule time together is a rarity and we are loving every minute. some days have been more organized, others more relaxed, and every day has involved sleeping
in (which always makes for a good day in my book).

monday was ikea.
tuesday was painting, errands and new tires.
today was dc w/nana (aka jenne and one of little a's favorite "aunts")

living so close to dc makes you realize how much you can do and how we have no excuse to not enjoy these things more. the day started and ended with wonderful dc food traditions of good stuff eatery and founding farmers, with a snack from hello cupcake in between. yum. not to mention two museum stops at the national gallery and botanical gardens.

the exhibits were amazing. meepies was the angel baby who made the day such a joy, napping in her stroller, and made friends with people wherever we went.

and as a totally random side story...there was a couple sitting next to us at dinner and I have to preface the story with "nothing says I love you like a pedometer" because that is what this guy gave his girl. I didnt even bother listening to his horrendous explanation because I was so appaled this was all unfolding next to us. lets just say I dont recall the word "thanks" being included in her response upon opening the gift. I'm not kidding. its just another true story.

the botanical gardens were featuring a display of monuments and museums from all over dc that were made from materials from the woods. it was incredible. the pictures do not do these things justice. and if you live nearby you have to go see them before they leave.

national gallery goodness.

here is seth breaking the rules and taking his coffee outside of the cafe area. as soon as a security guard spotted him he promptly made his way to a nearby trash can.
gosh. i felt like such a tourist with the arbitrary picture in front of the capital.
and finally. after walking. lots of walking. we had cupcakes. and they were oh so good. and gf.

and the cupcake was a hit. she mostly just wanted to eat the cream cheese frosting but managed to get a few bites of the carrot cake. which resulted in a frosting mess all over the front of her hoodie.


AZPoolside said...

Good to see the happy outing pics...

I want to go to the Phillip's Gallery next time. Let's put it on the top of the to do list!

Hugs and **Kisses**

AZPoolside said...

I am so happy to see you taking shots of places I adore. . . like outside of the East Bldg at the POINT of the Building. . . ah, and Calder, I could sit there for a long time on the main floor and gaze up.

I sure wish I was there with you...Let's keep our focus on getting to the museums on my next trip.

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