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I'm convinced there will always be a house project on my to do list. Its inevitable, because as soon as I finish something, I am bound to turn around and want to do something over again. Such is life.

Welcome to my dining room re-do take 7. I say 7 because its really been a work in progress for the past 2 1/2 years we have been in our house.

We bought a dining set.
We returned the chairs and barstools.
We used folding chairs in the mean time, got back some old chairs, repainted said chairs.
Repainted the wall below the chair rail.
Finally picked out curtains, moved curtains to the living room, found new curtains for the dining room, decided I didn't like new curtains, and here we are.

For me, all it takes is one piece of fabric (or in this case two) to set me on the right course.

Meet the fabric that will be our new curtains:

And the fabric that will be new seat cushions for our dining chairs:

Makes me feel happy inside.

For anyone out there looking for good deals and prices on fabric check out Online Fabric Store.net. Cheesy name, but the best prices on great designer fabrics.

The biggest adventure of this project, I'm doing it all myself.

Pictures to come...hopefully.

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