cards for every occasion.

I have a small obsession. Ok not really small, big. With cards. I'm picky about the aesthetic of what I am sending out and I have champagne taste, and a smaller than beer budget for things like these. My favorite sites, such as Tiny Prints and Minted, don't fit my stay at home mom budget anymore. After scouring Etsy, I have come up with a favorites list of the best shops for every need. Save yourselves the time, I hope these recommendations help, and the best part, most of these Etsy shops do more designs for other things than what I am featuring on here (birth/moving announcements, party invitations, Christmas cards, etc).

The designers charge a flat fee for a customized design that you get in a PDF and then you have a variety of choices with printing options. You can go through a company like Snapfish and order 4x6 prints on photo paper for as low as $0.07/card, or you could do cardstock from Vista Print for as low as $0.28/card.

*For envelopes...check out Envelope Mall. You can get 100 for around $12.

Happy card shopping!

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